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                  Zhejiang Dingfeng Textile Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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                  Established in 1986,Shaoxing Dingfeng Textile Equipment Co.,Ltd.is a private enterprise specialized in the production of parts and accessories for shuttleless loom,including aluminum alloy heald frame,reed,flat steel heald,drop wire,beam,cloth roller and others.At present,the fixed asset of the company is valued at over RMB 60,000,000Yuan,and there are more than 800 employees.The annual production of our company for reed for air jet loom is 120,000 meters,reed for rapier loom is 320,000 meters,reed for water jet loom is 50,000 meters,aluminum alloy heald frame is 500,000 pieces,flat steel heald is 120,000,000 pieces,drop wire is 150,000,000 pieces,beam is 12,000 sets,and the revenue from sale exceeded RMB 150,000,000 Yuan in 2007.The company has passed through ISO9001 quality system certificate,and owed the independent qualification of handling import and export business.In addition to the domestic market,the products have been exported to countries as far as Pakistan,Thailand,Indonesia,Bengal,Vietnam,Turkey and Egypt.

                  The company also can be reached conveniently.It's 8km from China Textile City in Keqiao,and 8km from HangZhou Xiaoshan International Airport.With complete lines of products and full scale services,the company is more than willing to join hand with textile firms anywhere in the world to create a bright future together.